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Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration ServicesUSCIS Form I864A OMB No. 16150075 Expires 12×31/2023For Government Use Only This
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USCIS I-864A Form Versions

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How to fill out i 864a form pdf


How to Fill Out I-864A Form PDF:

Begin by downloading the I-864A form in PDF format from the official U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website.
Open the form using a PDF reader software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Enter the required information in each applicable field of the form. Ensure accuracy and completeness to avoid delays or rejections.
Provide your personal details, such as your full name, address, contact information, and date of birth.
Fill in your immigration status and the type of visa you are applying for or have already obtained.
Provide details about your household size and the relationship between the primary sponsor and the person being sponsored.
Include information about your income and financial resources, ensuring to attach any supporting documentation required by USCIS.
Sign and date the completed form.
Make a copy of the filled-out form for your records before submitting it to USCIS.
It is recommended to consult with an immigration attorney or seek professional guidance to ensure accuracy and completeness during the form-filling process.

Who needs I-864A Form PDF?

Individuals who are applying to be a sponsor for an intending immigrant.
In certain cases, a sponsor may need to submit an I-864A form when adding additional household members to support the sponsored immigrant.
The I-864A form is typically required in family-based immigration cases where the primary sponsor's income or assets alone are insufficient to meet the financial requirements set by USCIS.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i 864a form pdf

Instructions and Help about i 864 a form pdf

Hi everybody this is job from the USA Monday you're watching me from Germany even coming from Spain or Mexico given window from France given you and if you watchmen from any English country in the world welcome and welcome back today I have another video for you guys today's videos about how to fill up from ia-64 which is on a contract between a sponsor and a household member if you want to know how to fill out that form then I'lobe right back you will see mundookay that×39’s all here we are in front there the phone we×39’re gonna fill out order from ia-64 an as Apple so to download this form you have to go to a SO the ACS dagger for website click on form and then choose the form ia-64 an ok once you have the form open then you can start filling fill it up okay but one to start you have to start with part 1 make Surat you print this out you have to print it on tap everything on red in black ink okay so if you in case you do it on online then you're done×39’t have to do that sole's start with part 1 a part 1 misinformation about you, so you mean or youth household member so let me clarify this household member is basically somebody who live in the same house always really who is related tour the sponsor they the primary sponsor okay so this part this is where you'regonna put your information and which is your last name the last name your first name your middle name okay but one you tap in your mailing address this is your mailing address area your physical address once again this is about you Damon household member which is also day the joint sponsor okay, so you tap in your information physical information over here your date of birth city of birth nor their if you have a salami you tap in your secret number if you have or Eli so number USCIS ELI×39’s number they tap in here right here okay then we move on to part two, so it can be two three four different household member who is helping you on Saudi on the immigrant you want you trying to bring to the United States small those people have to fill up this phone okay so part two over Harlow, and they don't fit up different phone no it×39’s not going to be just one from that×39’re going to fill up different forms ok, solo part two is its own units×39’s still about you this phone's I made household member so over here you check this box if you are the intent intended immigrant and also response or spouse, so you check the appropriate boron the bus that is on related or correspond to on you know you but London×39’t want to me life you are response of the spouse they take this one if you are the son or daughter of the respawns then you check this post basically just showing the relationship between you and this phone, so you check the appropriate box right here so let×39’s move on to part three still about Judy household member, so you take this boss if you are on pride so over hamlet×39’s say you I professor at University to tap here on pride as professor they tap the name of the University where...

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Form I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member, is a form used by a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident who is sponsoring an immigrant for a green card to enter into a contract with the sponsored immigrant, known as the “household member.” The contract ensures that the sponsored immigrant will not become a public charge during their stay in the United States. The form is available as a PDF on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website.
The I-864A form is used by a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (LPR) to list the income of a sponsor when applying for a relative to become a lawful permanent resident. The sponsor must file the I-864A form along with Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, when the relative is applying to become a permanent resident.
To fill out the I-864A form, you will need to provide specific information about both the sponsor and the beneficiary. The sponsor must provide their name, address, and date of birth. They must also provide their Social Security number and a copy of their federal tax return for the most recent tax year. The sponsor must also provide their current immigration status. The beneficiary must provide their name, address, and date of birth. They must also provide a copy of their birth certificate or other proof of identity. Once all the required information has been provided, the form can be filled out and submitted to the appropriate government agency.
The Form I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member, is used by certain family members of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents who are sponsoring them for their permanent residence. It is used to establish a legally binding contract between the sponsor and the sponsored family member. The contract ensures that the sponsor will provide financial support to the sponsored family member for a period of time, if the sponsored family member is unable to support themselves. The form also allows for the sponsor to calculate how much financial support they will be able to provide.
The information required on Form I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member, includes: 1. Sponsor's name, address, and contact information 2. Household member's name, address, and contact information 3. Sponsor's relationship to the household member 4. Sponsor's financial information, including income information and proof of assets 5. Sponsor's agreement to accept legal responsibility for the household member for any financial assistance the household member may receive from the government 6. A list of all household members who are part of the contract 7. A statement from the household member indicating their understanding of the contract 8. The signature of the sponsor and household member, and the date of the contract.
The deadline to file Form I-864A in 2023 has not yet been released by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Generally, the filing deadline for Form I-864A is the same as the filing deadline for the Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support). The filing deadline for Form I-864 is usually the same as the final filing date for the visa applicant's Form I-485, or the applicant's Adjustment of Status application.
The late filing of Form I-864A may result in the denial of an immigrant visa or adjustment of status application. In addition, the USCIS may impose a civil penalty of up to $200 for failure to file the Form I-864A.
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